Generation Shift: The Battle for Talent

Law firms thrive on the quality of their talent - and competition for top talent is on the rise. 

Stridon E-book Generation Shift

Today's law firms are multi-generational workplaces that are evolving fast to cater for the needs of new market dynamics that have put the needs of the client centre stage.

But that's not the only challenge.

Legal innovation is now a hot topic. Driven by the pressure to come up with smarter, quicker, cheaper and more flexible ways to deliver legal services, no law firm can ignore that the need to innovate is only set to accelerate.

Which means traditional themes of talent attraction - such as early responsibility, quality clients and internal opportunities - are now being augmented by a new thematic: emerging technology.

Which begs a new and important question: will law firms be at risk of losing talent to those organisations that embrace cutting edge 'legal tech'?

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