A few hundred years ago security was associated with just physical layers.

Like a castle with its moats, and concentric walls to keep out unwanted people.

Today, technology teams use the same ‘defence-in-depth’ philosophy to stop their environment from being penetrated by those with bad intentions.

Your organisation is under constant threat from sophisticated software programs and attack methods (there’s no rest for the wicked!).

And no doubt you’re now running a hybrid workforce (work/home/anywhere) which means your attack surface has increased to:

  • Your physical premises
  • Individual workers – whatever location
  • The cloud itself
  • Every endpoint – which means ALL your devices
  • Data and applications – wherever they reside
Planning and preparation are essential – as the Grand Duke said, “One who is confused in purpose cannot respond to his enemy.” (III.23 Meng)*. 

Be meticulous in your approach - cover all bases and be proactive in your response to threats. Expect the unexpected!

Stridon use global, externally recognised security frameworks to methodically build multi-layered solutions for our clients.

We are always happy to talk security – so get in touch if you’d like chat about a challenge you’re facing, or just to hear more about how we defend our castle!

*Sun Tzu and the Art of Business. Mark McNeilly


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